Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: The Survival Handbook

I finally finished reading The Survival Handbook by Colin Towell. Overall it was a pretty good read.

One thing there is no shortage of in this book is information. It's crammed full of helpful skills from somewhat luxurious wilderness living with all the latest technology and equipment  to showing you more primitive skills. There is a wide variety of survival skills covered in detail throughout the entire book.

Over the last couple of years I have used this book as a reference to accomplish many tasks in the outdoors with great success. I have learned so much from using the techniques illustrated in the handbook. The details concerning each particular skill given are pretty amazing considering all the information  covered and the illustrations are excellent.

There are a few small complaints however. I found that there were just too many boxes, bubbles, and sidebars on almost every page. If you were just using it as a reference this wouldn't be problem, but if you are reading through the entire book it can be a distraction and makes it a pain to read. It's not a book you would probably pick up to read for just a few minutes. I eventually had to make it a discipline to sit down and read a couple pages a day.

Overall this would make a fantastic addition to your library. It is an excellent reference and one I would highly recommend.

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