Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making a Fishing Spear

In survival, finding food is one of your main priorities. A general rule to follow when you are collecting food in a survival scenario is to expend less energy than you will receive from the food you gather. When you follow this rule, it makes sense to find and gather food that will give you the maximum benefits.
Spear fishing is one way of expending a relatively small amount of energy for a big reward. Fish are one of the ultimate survival foods.
Here is how I made a simple fishing spear from start to finish.
I started out with a long, straight stick.
The size depends on the height of the user.
I then took my knife and split it by hammering the tip of the blade
with a strong, hard piece of wood (a rock would work to, I just don't like dinging up my blade). (Tip: after giving the blade a few hard
hits to crack the end of your spear, give it fast but soft taps to keep splitting
your spear tip without breaking it.)

Split it so that you end up with four smaller tips. Somewhat
like a cross.

After you've split the end both ways, hammer two pieces of
wood down into the split so that they form a cross. This opens the tip
up, which makes it easier to sharpen the spear tip. (Tip: carve
the pieces of wood into a wedge shape to make them easier to put in.)

Last, sharpen each of the four points down to a fine point.

Now you're ready to do some spear fishing.

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