Monday, August 29, 2011

Making a Pop Can Stove

Sometimes it is necessary to contain your fire. This can easily be attained by improvising a simple stove out of a pop can. You can use any type of can, but pop cans are the most common to find because of littering.
You will want to find a can with as few dents
as possible. It is possible to pop most dents out.
Start by cutting the top out of the can. You may have
to use some force to break through. Be careful not to push
too hard and accidentally stab yourself in the hand.
While not absolutely neccesary, cutting a small door
in the side of the can helps with lighting the fire,
air flow, and balance of the stove.
Using your knife (an awl or screwdriver would
work too) poke many holes in the bottem and sides
of the can. This is critical for a good air flow.
Once you're down to this stage, the stove is basically
ready for use. Now you have to use the basic skills for
making a fire.
Lighters are the ideal way to light this stove, but it
can be accomplished with matches or a firesteel.
The great thing about this stove is that it
creates a great amount of heat while not using
much fuel.

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