Saturday, January 15, 2011

Musings on the Psychology of Survival

Last week I had the chance to watch Ray Mear's show on the psychology of survival. It was an excellent show and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in wilderness survival. I had posted a short segment from the show some time ago but I highly recommend watching the whole show on Youtube.

The psychology of survival can be a vast subject, but it really boils down to something quite simple, the will to live. Without this, people have been known to give up hope in very survivable situations and die. There have also been many stories at the opposite end of the scale where people have gone against all odds and survived extreme situations that were thought to be scientifically impossible to survive because they refused to give up. They showed us what the will to live looked like in action.

Keeping your hopes up is a vital part of the will to live. Bear Grylls talks in his show about using the three F's. These are faith, family, and friends. Although I've never been faced with a life or death survival situation, my faith in Jesus Christ has been the foundation for my life and a source of hope when everything else looks grim.

Well that's all the thoughts I have about the psychology of survival for right now.

Enjoy your weekend.

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