Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Review: Special Forces Survival Guide

Hey blog readers! I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I finally found the time during, Christmas vacation, to finish reading the Special Forces Survival Guide by Chris McNab. It was an interesting read. Partly good, partly bad.

It was very helpful to read the tips given directly from the Special Forces. Often the tips would show you a more efficient way to preform a survival task or give first aid. Although the tips did not make up the vast majority of the book, I consider them a good reason to read it.
Even though the book was packed full of helpful information, there are still a few things that need a little sorting out. As I said, there is alot of good information in there, but this book is not a big book, so some of the instructions are a little vague for the sake of space. While it might serve as a good reminder for some skills, I wouldn't recommend this as a first read for beginner survival enthusiast. Some of the vague instructions could lead to preforming some of the skills incorrectly, which wouldn't be good in a real survival situation.
This would be a good book, if you are somewhat familiar with basic survival skills, to take along as a memory help while you are out in the wilds. There are enough instructions given to trigger your memory if you were already familiar with the skills that are given.
I would also be very interested in more information on the author, Chris McNab. I tried before writing this to do a little research about him, but as of right now my filter blocked all of the websites I tried getting on. (Gotta love those things.) I would be interested in any info anyone can give me about him.

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