Friday, August 6, 2010

Gear Review: Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife

You can't go too far into bushcraft without a little gear talk. Personally I enjoy hearing what other wilderness survival enthusiasts are using these days.

My first gear review is about the main knife I use the Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife. For specifics about the knife, look it up on


  • Easy to sharpen.

  • Holds an extremely sharp edge.

  • Strong blade. Trust me, it's taken a pounding.

  • Good grip. I've used it in the rain and was still able to keep a hold on it.

  • Works well with a fire steel.


  • The Softgrip handle started peeling after using it for only a few weeks.

  • The handle and blade have started coming apart.

  • Slightly larger than I would prefer for gutting and skinning animals.

I know knives can be an extremely controversial subject in the bushcraft world. This was just my opinion and I'm no expert.

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